• alere-maternal-solutions

    Alere Maternal-Newborn Solutions Booklet

  • alere-trifold

    Alere NVP Brochure

  • micro-pharma-brochure

    Micromeritics Pharma Brochure

  • vision-values-covers

    Micromeritics Vision and Values Booklets

  • Wedding Invitations

  • Wedding Invitation

  • taste_14x48_bulletin2

    Valentine’s Day Billboard

  • back-smart-health_14x48_bulletin2

    Chiropractor Billboard

  • westside

    Westside Market Outdoor Campaign

  • midtown_bowl_bulletin_girl1

    Midtown Bowl Outdoor Campaign

  • fab'rik bus wrap

    Fab’rik Outdoor Campaign

  • yogli mogli 30-sheet

    Yogli Mogli Outdoor Campaign

  • lizzyloeb

    Lizzy Loeb CD Packaging

    Lizzy Loeb was great to work with. While she was working on this album in 2009, Lizzy was living in a small apartment in New York. We skyped to talk about the details of the project. The cd case is made out of balsa wood and a very minimal amount of glue. I tried to make the package as environmentally friendly as possible while also making it as interesting as possible. In addition to the cd, the case holds a reversible poster.

  • stormpainting

    Oklahoma Storm

    Almost every summer I take a road trip out to Texas and Oklahoma to visit family. This was a photo I snapped as I was trying to outrun some big storm clouds in Oklahoma. The photo was recreated with mixed media on canvas.

  • tropicalia

    Tropicalia CD Package

    I absolutely love Brazilian Tropicalia music, so this was a blast to make. I used two paper sleeves to mimic LP packaging and to also reduce the amount of plastic needed for production. I created the line drawings with india ink and the colorful background was made by soaking a piece of paper in water and letting watercolor paints spread and blend in with one another.

  • winebottledetail

    McManis Family Vineyards Bottle Redesign

    The McManis brand really emphasizes that they are a family company, so I looked up their family crest. I knew that I wanted to incorporate the family crest, but I wanted it to be more than just the shield by itself, so I drew inspiration from some of my favorite art nouveau posters.

  • lovenestphoto

    Love Nests MODA Exhibit

    In 2010 I worked with the folks over at the Museum of Design Atlanta. The exhibit, Love Nests, showcased people and their most personal and prized possessions. I created two posters and a line of stationary for their gift shop to sell.

  • mfaposter

    MFA Poster for Georgia State University

    I found a scrap piece of particle board I had laying around the house and then started tacking rope down into a pattern. I wanted the poster to feel as 3-dimensional as possible and to illustrate that not all graphic design is done sitting in front of a computer using stock photos.

  • cookiestudiodetail

    Cookie Studio Branding

    This is the corporate identity manual for the Cookie Studio of Decatur, Ga. I love working with local companies, especially ones that produce such tasty treats!

  • Neruda

    Odes to Common Things

    This is a book cover redesign for the Pablo Neruda book Odes to Common Things. All of the elements except the type were scanned in and put together as a collage.

  • portfolio image

    French Curves

    Painting created with india ink and rubber glue

  • chuck loeb

    Chuck Loeb

    I had the pleasure of working with Chuck Loeb, a very talented jazz musician, in 2010. At the time he was in Spain and had a pet sparrow. When I was skyping with Chuck, the sparrow kept landing on his shoulder, hence the inspiration for the cd packaging.